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Home Uncategorized “SIEG — ‘braaaaap!!’ — HEIL!”

“SIEG — ‘braaaaap!!’ — HEIL!”

Published on May 4, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

Documents reveal Adolph Hitler farted uncontrollably due to his vegetarian diet


-The Nazi symbol, now to be forever known as the “Fartstika.”




“That’s completely disgusting!”

-Contrivance, dog-eater and current president of the U.S. ‘Bark’ Obama


“Ewww.. It really is!”

–  Contrived ‘American’s smartest woman,’ incompetent current Secretary of Inebriation Hillary Clinton



“Hitler should have done what I do when I have bad gas: bring a couple of Great Danes in the house, and blame it on them.”

– Former Speaker of the House and notorious windbag, Democrat Crazy Nancy Pelosi

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