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Hottie Seeking Blind Man, or Aztec:

I’m an adventurous babe, hot-bodied and hot-blooded, but a completely lovable hair stylist. I finally found employment in a coal mine, but I am truly an outdoors girl at heart. I don’t like most guys (especially ones with good eyesight) but my true love just might be you!  Here’s hoping we can find love and live together into our golden and dark-green years.
Must have own dog or sacrificial alter, and must not be magnetic.
 –Petunia 4549, c/o [email protected]



TV Personality Seeking Womans:

Hard-hittin’, justice seekin’ black man wit TV show, seeks womans for companionship and more. Much more. I like going to dem movies once in a while, and drinking, and dancing sometimes, and watchin’ dem porno DVDs.  I used to be into preaching, but dat cut into da profits. Unless you got a lot of money: no white-Mexicans, Jews or anal.
Can’t be named Zimmerman, either.
 -Al 8275, c/o