Obama administration assures Bahraini crown prince with massive sale of sophisiticated arms


“Mrs. Clinton, I don’t care if you’ve had your arm up your nose to your elbow: on behalf of every Muslim radical in my country, I surpress my urge to gag and I sacrifice my hand for all the air defense systems, ground-based radars, AMRAAM air-to-air missile systems, Seahawk helicopters, Avenger air-defense systems, and parts for F-16 fighter engines you are selling us that  will eventually be used against Israeli and American troops.  How the United States put the most piteous and incompetent woman in American public life in the position of Secretary of State, I will never know. I’ve met them all, and truly, you are the dumbest diplomat on Earth. I can only bless Barack Obama for appointing you.”


“Thanks Prince Crown!”






“Who put this dipsh-t, slimy,  sh-t-for-brains a-hole in the position of Secretary of State?!  …Who?  Oh yeah, right: ‘Barack-Suck-My-C-ck Obama.!’  And who elected that dickwad president??  Come on!! — What a-hole voted for a dog-eating, nose-picking, moose-marrying commie to run my f-ing country?!  Huh?!  Raise your hand, a-hole, so I can ram this goddam bottle up your ass!!”

-Former U.S. Senator Blutto Blutarsky