Occupy Berlin, 1926

The fascist movement in America:


Interesting documentary on YouTube about the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany (see link, below). Many parallels to today, including the tactics being used by the left and the Obama administration. You’ll be horrified by the similarities:






“I’m part Brownshirt, too.”

-Harvard lunatic, fraud and one of the faces of the modern American fascist movement, Elizabeth Warren



“So am I. Or, was. (Last I checked, I was dead.)”

-Nazi leader Adolph Hitler



“Me too. But I’m alive. I not only help fund the fascist movement in America, but I am intimate with your president.”

-Modern-day fascist, former Nazi collaborator during World War II and Obama-intimate,  George Soros



“Me three. I’m all in on the fascist movement in America. Maybe now you’ll understand why I called for a ‘civilian security force’ as large as, as well-funded and as powerful as the military. That ‘civilian national security force’ would have been my version of the Nazi Brownshirts shown marching on Berlin in the picture on topMaybe, if I get a second term… (In case you didn’t know it, Hitler was elected, too. No joke — he really was elected, just like like I was. Unfortunately for  me, there’s this damn Internet blogging thing that’s by-passing NBC, the New York Times and the other old news outlets in the bag for the fascist movement. Hitler didn’t have this problem. I do. But I also have the power of an Internet kill switch. Like I said, let’s see if I manage to get re-elected. Because then I’ll have that ‘flexibility’ I accidentally spoke about…)”

-Lunatic American president, Barack Hussein Obama (or whoever he really is)


The damning video:

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Barack Obama


In other words, Obama wants an unconstitutional ‘civilian national security force’ (whatever the hell that is), to be over 2 million strong, have a budget of $700 billion dollars, be equipped with tanks, rockets, jets, machine guns, flame throwers, bombs, etc.


To protect against what?

— To to protect against you.



Meet some other ‘civilan national security forces’ of the 20th Century:



Hitler’s (the SS of Nazi Germany; over 6,ooo,ooo innocent civilians murdered)



Stalin’s (the NKVD of the Soviet Union; over 30,000,000 innocent civilians murdered)



Mao’s (the Red Guard of Communist China; over 80,000,000 innocent civilians murdered)



Pol Pot’s (Communist Cambodia; over 3,000,000 innocent civilians murdered)



Barack Obama’s thugs:

(This is without an official, government-funded ‘civilian national security force.’ Imagine if he is re-elected:)


#Occupy (Harvard University; Elizabeth Warren)


The GIVE Act Youth Brigade (this is now the law of the land)



The Black Panthers (protected by corrupt attorney general Eric Holder)



SEIU and the union thug movement (Jimmy Hoffa)




ACORN voter fraud and street agitation apparatus (protected by corrupt attorney general Eric Holder)




“Attack Watch,” the anti-Semitic ‘rat-out your fellow citizen’ program:




The 32 shadowy but powerful ‘czars’ in the Obama administration, including his rabid and bullying ‘anti-bully’ czar (“I wish Republicans were all f-ing dead!“):






Don’t let them get their wish for your death on November 2nd.



“Don’t worry — you’ve got me to protect you!”

-US House Squeaker, John Boehner