NBC keeps the race card alive, even in their coverage of the Olympics?


NBC, the Obama propaganda network featuring race-baiter, Jew hater and Obama intimate Al Sharpton, has started their own Reichstag Fire* to inject racial tension into the Olympics so as to affect the November 2012 election?


The story:

NBC forced to apologize after ad features a monkey doing gymnastics – right after showing Gabby Douglas’ gold medal victory



(Another ‘apology’  — who cares?) Does anyone believe this was an accident?


Gabby Douglas, before NBC’s ‘editorial:’


‘Gabby Douglas,’ after NBC ‘editorial:’


“It worked!”

– Race-baiter, anti-Semite, MSNBC host and Barack Obama-intimate, Al Sharpton


“Excellent job.”

-Race-baiter and anti-Semite, Jesse Jackson



“Who’s Gabby Douglas?”

-The a-hole who just played his 104th round of golf today while in office.


“She’s our ‘victim,’ you idiot! I do like your moustache.”

-Obama propagandist and long-time campaign sleazemeister, David Axelrod


“Ach! And I, yours, Herr Axelrod. In fact, I like everything about you.”

-Adolph Hitler



*The Nazi Reichstag Fire, 1933:

Nazi operatives intentionally started a massive fire in the federal legislature, blaming it on political opponents, and using it to start violence that led to a Nazi dictatorship in Germany.